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Well,well... Welcome!
My identity is not so interesting.
Here you can find some things,like drawings,paintings,photos,made by me (horrible stuff,in short) but also random images catched here on Tumblr. or somewhere else. I like very much listening to music in my free time (...also when I'm busy,sometimes. Deh. Maybe more often than sometimes. It's a sort of omnipresent shadow that follows me...HELP! I have to close this digression),and I often share it. Enjoy! I hope you'll like the kind of music I listen to.

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Ahh what algebra and calculus did to my sense of humor

Train set and match spied under the blind
Shiny and contoured the railway winds
And I’ve heard the sound from my cousin’s bed
The hiss of the train at the railway head

Always the summers are slipping away

A 60 ton angel falls to the earth
A pile of old metal, a radiant blur
Scars in the country, the summer and her

Always the summers are slipping away
Find me a way for making it stay

When I hear the engine pass
I’m kissing you wide
The hissing subsides
I’m in luck

When the evening reaches here
You’re tying me up
I’m dying of love
It’s OK

Maurice Utrillo - Place de l’église à Montmagny

…”What are you doing new year’s Eve?”

Plaid - Eyen


There’s never anything to do around here!

illustration by Chris Ware :: scanned from The Acme Novelty Date Book Volume Two :: Drawn and Quarterly :: 2007

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Smiths - There is a light that never goes out